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Planning Guide

What type of project are you planning?

It’s important to understand where and how the tile will be used. For example, will the tile will be in a high traffic area or will the tile be in a wet environment, such as a bathroom shower. Varieties of tile and stone have different properties that make them more appropriate for a given application. For example, glazed tiles and polished marble are fairly impervious to water making them a great tile for a bathroom shower wall, but too slippery for the shower’s floor.

Is your project residential or commercial?

Commercial high traffic areas require tiles with high abrasion resistance. If you’re tiling the public areas of an apartment building you’ll need tile that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and is slip resistant. Other commercial uses include areas where solvents or acids are used. Knowing how and where tile will be used is the key to ensuring a long lasting application.









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