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Sep 19, 2016 05:20 PM

7 Ways to Use Tile Outdoors

Ideas for using tile to beautify your outdoor space.


How to Protect Your Tile Floor From Cracks During Installation and Beyond

This article discusses ways to protect your tile floors from cracks.

Aug 24, 2016 04:06 PM

10 Best Practices for Maintaining Glass Tile

This post talks about the ways to maintain glass tile


Tile With Design in Mind: 10 Guidelines for Choosing Bathroom Tile

When you plan the design of an entire home, few rooms have as much significance or impact as the bathrooms. Homeowners spend their early mornings, quiet moments, and late-night routines in these intimate spaces. The design feeling you achieve in the bathroom can set the tone for the entire home and make or break first impressions.


Tips for Choosing the Best Grout for Your Tiling Project

Many people over look the importance that grout can play in the design of a room. This material is more than simply a means to hold tiles together. Your grout type and color often make as much of an impact on the design of a room as the type of tile you choose. Try thesetips to help you choosethe best grout for your tiling project


A Basic Guide to Tile: Pros and Cons of Eight Tile Materials

The surfaces you walk, cook,and shower on have to stand up to wear and tear. Since you need durable surfaces, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each tile material to find the right one for the job. To help you do that, we've created a basic guide to the most common tile materials below.


Beyond Kitchen Flooring: 8 Creative Uses for Tile

Asan interior designer or builder, you'realways searching for newways to flex yourcreative musclesand impress yourclients. You knowatiled kitchen or bathroomfloor willimpress yourclients-but whatelsecan you do with tile? Thereareactually dozens of potentialtileapplications forevery roomofthe house-and even for outdoor space. Have you tried any oftheseless common uses for tile?


Taming Tricky Tile Part 2: How to Correctly Store Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile offers versatility when it comes to color, but it can prove difficult, especially for DIYers, new contractors, and inexperienced interior designers. While ceramic tile holds strong once installed on a floor or wall, it is vulnerable during transportation and storage. In our last blog, we provided you with guidelines for transportation of your tile from your distributor to your project site. But what if you buy materials in advance or in bulk?


Taming Tricky Tile Part 1: How to Properly Transport Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile represents one of the most common mediums in any commercial or residential building. Once installed and set, ceramic tile withstands most wear and tear, including minor impact. However, loose, individual ceramic tiles can become broken during transport or even during storage. In this blog, we guide you through the transportation process, whether you have to drive tile to your local home or move tiles to a rural contracting job.


Clean and Seal Your Tile in 5 Easy Steps

When it's time to deep-clean your house, don't forget about your tile. Everyday sweeping and mopping isn't enough to keep your tile looking new. Without regular cleaning, mold or mildew on and between your tiles can cause deep-set stains to form. Over time, this grimy tile can develop cracks and discoloration. Fortunately, deep-cleaning your tile doesn't need to be difficult. Just follow these five steps.

Results: 11 Article(s) Found.

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